Carte Blanche – Shot Hole Borer Beetle

Carte Blanche – Shot Hole Borer Beetle

Excellent Carte Blanche coverage on the Shot Hole Borer, and a very useful infographic on their website. #CarteBlanche #PSHB


Shot Hole Borer Beetle: What You Need to Know – Carte Blanche – Shot Hole Borer Beetle

READ the article on the Carte Blanche Website that has practical information on what to do.

Contrary to belief, the beetle isn’t the direct cause of harm to the tree. Instead, the beetle releases a fungus called Fusarium euwallaceae.

A tiny alien invader is threatening South Africa’s trees. Called the Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer Beetle (or PSHB), this little critter is cause for huge concern. According to scientists, the PSHB has managed to wriggle its way into millions of trees across the world, and now it’s been spotted in local trees.

Carte Blanche – Evicting Alien Borer Beetles

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For South Africa, globalisation has come at a price – pests like the tiny polyphagous shot hole borer beetle are invading fruit trees, natural forests around the country, and one of the world’s largest urban forests – Johannesburg.

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