PSHB Identification

The following posts show what the Polyphagous Shot Hole  Borer (PSHB) beetle looks like.


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Immature Polyphagous shotehole borer

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Invasive Shothole Borer. Coming to destroy riparian habitat near you. The entry holes and burrows are smaller than a ball point pen tip. The female sticking her butt out of the burrow is less than 2 mm long. They create galleries all through the tree, and innoculate it with fusarium fungus that they feed on, and breed in the burrows. The combination of fungus clogging conductive tissue and the beetles turning the whole damn tree to sawdust will kill an entire ecosystem in a few months. They came here in pallets from China. No treatments, no predators, no hope for infested trees. This pest depresses me. If you want to learn more and earn Continuing Ed units for your arborist or pesticide license, come listen to me talk at the UC Cooperative Extension tree pest seminar in a couple weeks. #polyphagousshotholeborer #invasivespecies

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